Balancing Act

Added some dwarf freshwater shrimps and neon tetras to the Fluval Chi 6.6

Just one day after introducing zebra danios into the Fluval Chi 6.6, I added a school of neon tetra and two freshwater dwarf atyid shrimps. The neon tetras brought curiosity to the school of zebra danios, piquing their sense to the point where they were chased around the tank.

School of neon tetras.


They eventually learned to get along. The rule of thumb in keeping tropical freshwater fish is to have 1 gallon per 1″ of fish. By the population number alone, we’re looking at 13 fishes or 13 gallons minimum tank space requirement. I don’t think it would affect the health of the fishes too much. The danios appear to be mid to top level swimmers while the neon tetras are mid to lower level dwellers. We’ll see how the community turns out. The shrimps, one red and one blue, found solace within the crevices of the artificial plant ornament that sits at the bottom center of the tank. I spotted the blue shrimp scavenging on some uneaten flakes already, doing what they were brought home to do – within 20 minutes!

Blue dwarf freshwater shrimp.


Red dwarf freshwater shrimp.


I got the new set of freshwater creatures from Pet City, which I found to offer a much better selection of pets and supplementary items, such as foods, vitamins, medicines, tanks, etc. than Petco. I think I’ll be checking it out more often. Also, I spotted a giant guinea pig while browsing around. It was literally the size of a small house cat and rivals its neighboring rabbit. It was a sight to behold :O! I took a photo of it on my iPhone 4 and I’ll post it subsequently.

The Fluval Chi is turning out very nice. I also did a bit of wire tuck on the fountain-filter and heater wire. They are now nicely hidden within a 3/4″ wire conduit which runs along the corner of the tank and into the back of the stand. I think it looks pretty concealed and clean. The conduit is black, which still stands out, but if I used a white conduit (or paint it white), it would blend with the back wall very nicely.
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