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Fluval Chi 6.6 up and running with zebra danios

Here’s a small update regarding the a side aquarium project that I’ve been working on. The aquarium is a Fluval Chi 6.6 gallon tank, measuring 10″x10″x16″. I chose this tank because of its minimalistic, yet all inclusive design. I think it’s great because it also incorporates feng shui elements into it, such as the “floating” filter/fountain combination system that sits on the top of the tank. This fountain-filter also integrates a bright underwater LED lighting system and another dimmer LED light that shoots up from the bottom. If you do not add pebbles into the pebble tray, then you’ll see a spectacular lit fountain at night. More importantly, I specifically selected this system due to its feng shui inspired design. Ever since relocating to the new abode, my girlfriend and I have designed our living quarter with feng shui in mind. The Fluval Chi harmoniously blends in with our current design guideline. The tank sits on top of an Exo-Terra terrarium stand that is only 12.5″x12.5″ wide, perfect for the Fluval. My later plan is to relocate the Fluval into the study area and put up a Red Sea MAX 250 65 gallon marine aquarium at its current location.

At the moment, I have 7 zebra danios happily residing within the confines of the Fluval Chi. I’ve also added a 12″ Amazon sword plant to compliment the background and hide the 50w Hydor aquarium heater.

Zebra danios.
7 zebra danios inhabit the Fluval Chi.
The Fluval Chi at night.

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