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DIY: How to change and replace the cabin filters in the Acura RSX

Here’s a simple DIY instruction on how to replace your interior cabin/heater blower air filter elements. The filters are located within the filter frame just above the glove box inside of your dashboard. The filter element part number is 80292-S5D-A01 and costs $10.97 each from Acura (you’ll need two). You can purchase aftermarket carbon activated filter elements for about the same price but for two units instead of one.

1. Start by removing the lower right hand screw that’s securing the glove box:

2. Carefully lift the glovebox and dislodge the tabs from its stopper (inside the dash) and let it carefully hang. By partially removing the glove box, you’ll be saving some time. Becareful not to twist the glove box as it is not secured onto the dashboard by a single tab and can break easily if force is applied. You may need a support to hold the hanging side of the glove box to prevent it from twisting.

3. With the glove box out of the way, locate the filter frame. It’s the white plastic box situated immediately behind the glove box.

4. Press the release tab on the filter frame to release the filter element.

5. Carefully pull out the first filter element.

6. Slide out the second filter element using the guidance tab on the filter element and pull it out once its within reach.

7. Remove the filter elements out of their frames.

8. Comparison of new vs. old filter elements.

9. Reinstall everything in the reverse order, drive around in fresh-air mode and enjoy the fresh clean air.

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