Balancing Act

Fall 2011 quarter is finally over!

After a lengthy week and a half of sleep deprivation and stress from finals, I am happy to say that Fall 2011 quarter is over once and for all. It is the toughest quarter I’ve faced throughout my academic career. I’ll enjoy the next 4 weeks of winter break and resume to finish my last quarter. Fortunately all of my classes for winter 2012 quarter starts at 6pm, allowing me time to swing by the apartment to catch up on sleep or do some pre-class study prior to start of class. No more stress trying to beat traffic to get to a 3PM or 4PM class.

Incidentally, I can apply for winter graduation next month :). Once I am done with my study, I can focus on projects that enjoy partaking in but had to be placed on the backburner due to time constraint (like my online business venture) and also pick up new skills during my new free time. Cheers to a restful winter break and to a stress-free winter 2012 quarter!

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