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Upcoming JDM ZVW30 Prius projects

Just gave my colleague a shopping list of JDM Prius parts to pick up for me while he is on his short-noticed business trip to Japan. They include: Prius rear step guard Part #: 08475-47030 Interior console lid (black) Part #: 08471-47060-C0 Chrome plated door mirror covers Part #: 08409-47040 Interior door pocket illumination kit Part #: 08527-47050 or 08867-00230 Interior illumination kit…

DIY: How to Install JDM Side Window Visors On a 3rd Gen Prius

For some reason, people assume that window visors help in eliminating wind noise while driving. That’s not their primary purpose. Their primary purpose is to allow the driver to open their windows to allow fresh air in without the use of the A/C. Visors are especially useful during rainy weather condition without having their vehicle’s interior drenched with water. Depending…