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JDM Prius ZVW30 Toyota Elegant Style Exterior Upgrade

zvw30-elegant-packageI finally had time to order all the JDM Toyota Prius Elegant Style exterior chrome plated garnish upgrades, minus the lower rear bumper garnish since I have the Prius PLUS rear skirt installed. I originally asked my buddy back in July while on his way to Japan to pick me up a complete set of authentic JDM Toyota’s Prius Elegant Style package (front grill garnish, lower front bumper garnish and rear trunk garnish). I like these chrome accents because they are simple add-on accessories that really accentuates the great looking body lines of the redesigned front bumper and rear taillights found on the 2012+ 3rd gen Prius that is often an after-thought on darker colored bodies.

The total would’ve costed me approximately $525.00. When I did a little bit of researching on Yahoo! Auctions Japan in preparation to write my DIY: How to buy and import JDM car parts directly from Japan article in the early part of summer, I came across a front lower bumper chrome plated garnish replica selling for $50.00 (part # 08417-47010) and immediately informed my buddy to not pick up the Elegant Style components for me while overseas. Since they were available in abundance on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, I figured they will be readily available for some time. Now you’re probably wondering why I am buying a replica front lower bumper garnish vs. an authentic JDM Toyota garnish after going on a rant about fake vs. genuine lower door moldings in a separate article. The difference here is I willingly and knowingly bought the JDM replica part to save cash. With the fake lower door moldings which I bought on eBay, I was deceived when I had all the intention to buy genuine parts.

As mentioned in my previous entries, I decided to go the cheaper route because these exterior parts will be exposed to road debris and will be on the front line when it comes to colliding head-on with rocks and debris. Since the Prius is a daily driver and the primary vehicle for long road trips and not a hard parker, rock chips are a guarantee. I rather not spend more than I have to on brand new Toyota chrome accents only to have it chipped or cracked from road debris when I have alternatives — especially since they are really stick-on accents made of chrome plated mold-injected ABS plastic. Think of these accents as being similar to the chrome lower side door moldings by Toyota.

A little more searching yielded even more positive results. For example, I found an opened, but unused genuine JDM Toyota front chrome plated grille garnish (part # 08423-47030) for $35.00 normally priced at $160.00 on Rakuten and a ridiculous $280.00 + $48.00 shipping on eBay or $260 from Nigel JDM Parts.

Elegant Style Front Grille Garnish

A little further search, I found a set of opened but unused set of genuine JDM Toyota chrome plated rear trunk garnish (part # 08409-47010) for $30.00, normally priced at $150.00 on Rakuten and a ridiculous $269.00 + $58.00 shipping on eBay or $195.00 from Nigel JDM Parts.

Finally, I found a set of slightly used but mint condition genuine JDM Toyota chrome door mirror covers (part # 08409-47040) for $50. They normally sell for $105.00 on Rakuten and a ridiculous $185.00 + $55.00 shipping on eBay and $188.00 from Nigel JDM Parts.


All these parts costed me only $280.00 purchasing direct from Yahoo! Auctions Japan. This includes domestic Japanese shipment, handling, all Buyee fees, package consolidation fees, optional Buyee protective packaging service and EMS international shipment. So essentially, I saved over $245.00 vs. having my friend pick up a new and complete set of authentic JDM Toyota Elegant Style components from Japan. $245.00 is sufficient to serve three bone-in rib-eye steaks with sides for three and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon at our favorite prime steakhouse, Fleming’s.

Consolidate and protective packaging from Buyee, Jp.

To put this in perspective, I’ve paid less for 4 components of the Elegant Style package than I would’ve paid for a single lower front bumper garnish from eBay sellers or Nigel JDM Parts.

Elegant Style components

Had I bought the components individually from eBay, it would’ve cost me a whopping $1,225. Had I bought the parts from Nigel JDM Parts, I would’ve spent $875.00 (not including shipping).

Elegant Style - rear

Elegant Style – rear (additional photos to follow)

Toyota Prius JDM Elegant Style components added

Toyota Prius JDM Elegant Style components added

JDM Elegant Style front

JDM Elegant Style front

JDM Elegant Style rear

JDM Elegant Style rear

JDM Elegant Style front

JDM Elegant Style front

Save yourself some of your hard earned cash and do-it-yourself! Then take yourself and your lady/family out on a road trip or to a prime steakhouse with all the extra cash you’ve saved!

Next up, Do-it-yourself guide on how to install genuine Toyota lower door moldings on your 3rd gen Prius. Ya, the ones on my Prius are still the fake ones I inadvertently bought off of eBay some time last year due to false advertisement. I haven’t had time to buy my own heat gun to pull off the fake moldings which I’ve re-surfaced with 3M automotive tape. They’re on the car real good.

To complete the Elegant Style look, I will be ordering the JDM side window molding kit by Toyota, part # 08165-47010.

7 thoughts on “JDM Prius ZVW30 Toyota Elegant Style Exterior Upgrade

  1. Andrew

    How do I get stuff on yahoo Japan? It’s all in Japanese and yen, and while I could convert the yen, I still don’t speak Japanese. I’m trying to make my 2011 Pruis look like yours.

      1. Andrew

        I thought I saw it in there somewhere, but when I looked for it after reading the article I didn’t see it. Thanks.

        1. 5teve-0 Post author

          Be sure to read my update to the original article, they both collectively should give you all the info you need to begin buying your own JDM parts from Japan. ‘course if you have any questions, feel free to post and I’ll do my best to help.

          1. Andrew

            Cool, you may answer this, but I found some stuff on yahoo actions for cheap, however it’s all in Japanese and I can’t find a translate option, and I want to make sure I’m looking at stuff that actually fits on a 2011 Pruis, which was slightly different than the one you have.

            Additionally I was told when I bought the car last weekend that the wheels under the hubcaps where black, however they are the same color as the ugly hubcaps and my car is dark red, which just does not look good with that color. Do you know of a wheel exchange or place people are selling the stock black wheels on the cheap?

            The dealership also told me they could do the ground effects and lowering springs, and then they said they could not because it was part of a package, so I don’t think these guys really know what they are talking about. However I’m going to talk to their parts div tomorrow to see what they say. Is it cheaper to buy the springs somewhere else and then have the dealer install them? If so where did you get yours?

          2. 5teve-0 Post author

            I recommend using Google Chrome to browse the Japanese sites, it has a built-in translate feature. As for fit, everything should be interchangeable with exception to the front bumper exterior add-on parts. They need to be 2010-2011 specific to fit your model year.

            Black wheels only show up on the 2012+ models, 2010-2011 year models have identical wheels, but in satin silver. If you want black OEM wheels, I recommend looking at Craig’s List or eBay. Personally, I would buy aftermarket wheels ( instead.

            Clearly the dealer is not being honest with you. I got all my PLUS parts individually and installed all by myself with exception of the springs, which I had the dealer install. I bought all of my PLUS ground effects kit, springs and rear sway bar from Toyota parts World ( and have DIY instructions for the ground effect kit ( and rear sway bar (

      2. mohammed khan

        hi ,

        i am also really interested in buying the accessories that you bought for your prius. please if you can give me direct links to the website would appreciate it very much


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