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Review: Get Sunday Weed Control

After a four month delay, Get Sunday has finally shipped their weed control products, but not without experiencing early inventory problems similar to their Lawn Care products. Weed Control has been promoted by Get Sunday since late 2018 as a future optional add-on weed control product for a late spring 2019 release. Get Sunday took the covers off of Weed Control on July 19, 2019 and shipped mid September, 2019.

Get Sunday's new Weed Control products
Get Sunday’s new Weed Control products

I have used two shipments of their lawn care product and I am currently awaiting their winter feed mix and I am happy with the results. Read my review and side-by-side comparison of Get Sunday lawn care versus Scotts lawn care products.

So what are Get Sunday Weed Control products? Weed Control currently consists of two add-on products that control various weeds due to its ingredient composition. Continuing Get Sunday’s mission of manufacturing organic and non-toxic, pet safe and human safe alternatives to lawn care products, Weed Control is glyphosate free – the active chemical in many herbicides. There is the Dandelion Doom that specializes in targeting dandelions and other broad leaf weeds that are similar to dandelions, such as broad leaf plantains, clovers, oxalis, Shepherd’s purse, etc. Its main ingredient is iron, which is proven to be a highly effective herbicide, particularly lawn moss. In moderate dose, it also gives the lawn a dark green hue that we all love and strive to achieve. In heavy dose, though, iron will acidify soil and burn lawn grass. Iron also needs to be applied with care around concrete and masonry, as it will stain!

Get Sunday Weed Control
Get Sunday Weed Control

The other Weed Control product is Weed Warrior. Get Sunday touts it as an OMRI listed, organic herbicidal soap that kills undesirable weeds, grass, algae and moss. This product, like most other eco-friendly herbicidal soap, comprises of non-selective formula, which means it will kill everything that is unfortunate to come in contact with it, including desirable lawn grass. In other words, Weed Warrior needs to be applied with care.

Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom
Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom

Unboxing Get Sunday Weed Control

Get Sunday Weed Control shipped via USPS, through Rapid Enterprises Inc / Stamps, and arrived promptly. Weed Control products are sold in a pair of spray bottles at the cost of $24.00 per package, at the time of this writing. I opted for the Mixed pack, which yields a bottle of Weed Warrior and a bottle of Dandelion Doom.

Dandelion Doom

I had to do a little bit of dandelion hunting to try this product. Our backyard was once a haven for flourishing dandelions, lawn moss and other broadleaf weeds.

Our backyard was once a breeding ground for dandelions. Today, I could not find a single dandelion!

Today, there was not a single weed in sight! The tall fescue has out-competed the dandelions and now exclusively owns the turf. Since I could not find a broadleaf weed in our backyard, I had to look at the front yard and boy the front yard did not disappoint. Dandelions are surprisingly scarce, but there are plenty of Canada thistles and Shepherd’s purse to try my hands on. Here are a few gems I’ve located:

I followed the directions and then sprayed a generous amount of Dandelion Doom onto the targeted weeds at around 5:30 PM on a Thursday evening:

And the results, 24 hours later

48 hours later

Here is a list of the weed species that Dandelion Doom is most effective against.


  • Bull thistle
  • Creeping buttercup
  • Dandelions
  • Moss
  • Persian speedwell
  • Speedwell spp.
  • White Clover


  • Black medic
  • English daisy

Weed Warrior

I used Weed Warrior on pesky crabgrasses on our front lawn and residual colonies in our backyard. I also targeted various other weeds scattered across our front lawn, including a plethora of spurge weeds that have taken over our front yard. Here are the results.

24 hours later

48 hours later

Weed Warrior is a non-selective formula, meaning it will kill or damage any plants that it comes in contact with. According to the label, it is most effective against these weeds:

  • Annual bluegrass
  • Chickweed
  • Corn spurry
  • Dandelion
  • Groundsel
  • Lambsquarters
  • Large crabgrass
  • Mouse-ear chickweed
  • Mustards
  • Plantain
  • Redroot pigweed
  • Round leaved mallow
  • Sheep sorrel
  • Shepherd’s purse
  • Stinkweed
  • Thistle
  • Moss
  • Algae
  • Lichens


I like that the Weed Control products are in a spray bottle form. This means I can control and target specific weeds instead of indiscriminately spreading a bunch of granules everywhere, burning lawn grass while killing weeds in the process. If I see a weed sprouting in an area where it does not belong, a spritz or two will quickly make it go away. Being in liquid form also means easier clean up and faster absorption into the ground soil. With granules such as Weed and Feed, it would require several days of watering to fully dissolve the herbicide.


Since we’ve established our backyard, now is the time to shift our lawn care products to organic and eco-friendly solutions. For flea, ground beetle and grub control, we will be using natural pesticides, i.e. beneficial nematodes, instead of GrubEx. Our lush backyard has been the playground for all of our visiting friends’ children and we want to keep it as safe and as non-toxic as possible. It will also be our future Doberman pinscher puppy’s backyard dog park and an area which our tortoises enjoy grazing everyday. Therefore, keeping toxic lawn care product out of the reach of pets and children has become a top priority for us.

Our front yard is still work in progress. The journey to revitalize it was slightly delayed due to the intense summer heat. However, I have already started the process during early summer, e.g. soil testing, raising acidity level, raising nitrogen level, application of GrubEx and fertilizing. I hope to re-seed and overseed the front lawn when the soil temperature cools down to around 70°F. I applied 1/2 content of the Get Sunday Potassium Boost pouch on September 21; the other 1/2 is applied to the backyard. For the front lawn project, I will be spreading a 40 lb. bag of Scotts Thick’r Lawn product in late October or early November. The journey to restore our front lawn will be documented in a separate article due to requests and the popularity of the backyard restoration project article.

After seeing the efficiency and efficacy of Get Sunday’s lawn care and weed control products in action with my very own eyes, I am 100% sold on it. We will be exclusively using Get Sunday lawn care products to maintain our lawns and Weed Control packs for weed control and maintenance.

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